Como Usar Corretamente o Plugin Yoast SEO no WordPress

Nesse episódio da série Ferramentas e Aplicativos, você vai descobrir como usar corretamente o plugin Yoast SEO no WordPress.

SEO for WordPress

This tutorial will show you how to improve the SEO of your WordPress blog. WordPress gives you the freedom to set your links the way you want them to look like. In the administrative area of WordPress go to Settings -> Permalinks. The full list of available variables that you can use in your permalinks can be found at the WordPress official website. The search engines will check how relevant your description is to the actual content of your page so make sure that you describe only the current page and avoid adding irrelevant information in this description. Once you go to the Posts -> Categories page in your admin area, note the description field available for each category. WordPress will take what you enter in this field and insert it as meta description for the category. Typing the title and alt tags for each image you use can be a time-consuming task. Instead, you can use the handy SEO Friendly Images plugin. Once you install the plugin, go to Settings -> SEO Friendly Images in your WordPress admin area. With them you can set the ALT and TITLE tags of your images to the title of your post for example. You should make sure that you use the

tag only for the titles of your posts. You should use a few

tags and as many

tags as you need for the other headings in your posts. For blog websites the best SEO practice is to set the title of your post in a heading1 tag.

WordPress SEO Plugin by Squirrly

We love SEO. We Love WordPress and social media; and real Human Beings. Our view on what makes great WordPress SEO is completely different than the way other people see it. For starters, WordPress SEO is a lot more than a one time setup thing. Especially if you’re obsessed with catering to the needs of your visitors. Search engines are hubs where people search for what they need, in the hopes of finding that one piece of content that will offer them the solution they seek, the entertainment they’d die for, the intellectual piece they crave. These people who reach your WordPress site have all kinds of needs and hidden desires. Just having a good WordPress SEO site structure for your homepage will not cut it. Nor having great SEO Settings for every page on your site cut it. You need to understand social media intelligence that you can get through a tool like Squirrly, which will help you better figure out the intent of the user. Real details about how your own WordPress performs in the online environment. Without understanding your WordPress site’s performance, all the SEO you do can end up being in vain. In order to have better WordPress SEO you need to become a Better Marketer yourself. You need to learn more about the details that form up a good SEO strategy in 2017. It’s not about just some SEO settings and some links anymore.

How To Get An SSL Certificate

SSL certificates have been becoming more popular with the recent release of the news that google will punish websites that are not encrypted. If you don’t have your site on SSL yet, now is the time! For the majority of cases, we just recommend using Cloud Flare which provides free SSL as well as a lot of other performance benefits. Annnnd Kaboom, now you have SSL + DDos protection, a nice CDN plus a bunch of other cool stuff! If your sites are hosted on cPanel server, cPanel now includes free SSL for all sites. If you have more complex hosting, there are services like LetsEncrypt which give free SSL. Does it really matter what SSL method I chose? The cheapest $6 per year certificate is the same as the $200 per year certificate. The only caveat is the “EV” certificate that puts the green company name in the browser, which are a waste of money for all but the biggest websites. They can cost many hundreds to thousands, and require that you submit all kinds of business documents like incorporation articles to secure the certificate. If you really want to buy a certificate, you can get them from The SSL Store. A cheap option is the $12.99 certificate here. There are lots of reasons to move to SSL on your blog even outside of SEO, so if you don’t have one yet what are you waiting for?

Organization Validation Single Domain SSL Certificate

Let your visitors know they are on a secure Web site, with the Entrust Site Seal. The Entrust Site Seal establishes your business as a safe place to do online business, giving users a higher level of trust. The best way? Let your visitors know you have taken steps to ensure the security of their information by clearly displaying the Entrust Site Seal.*. Posting the Entrust Site Seal on your Web site let’s your visitors know that you are committed to online security. Just by clicking the Entrust Site Seal, visitors can verify your site’s authenticity and certificate status. Entrust is recognized as a trusted security brand for more than a dozen years, providing layered security solutions that help instill confidence for consumers, enterprise and governments. Entrust Customers: For information on how to download the Entrust Site Seal, please visit The Entrust Site Seal FAQ page. The Entrust Site Security Seal is included with each Entrust SSL certificate. The Entrust Site Security Seal is a Web-enabled clickable logo, which is licensed to Web sites that use Entrust digital certificates. That’s why Entrust OV SSL Certificates feature ECC public key encryption in our root certificates. With support for SHA-2 algorithms, Entrust SSL Certificates protect your data by offering stronger security and increased performance. Is ECC RIGHT FOR YOU. Entrust SSL Certificates using ECC technology are ideal for scenarios where server-load performance is critical, and site visitors and the Web/app server are known to be compatible with ECC keys. While we do provide a full range of security solutions for all type of organizations, Entrust Certificate Services personnel have one with one purpose in mind – your protection. Learn Why Entrust SSL is Right for You CHOOSE A BUDGET FRIENDLY PLAN THAT GIVES YOU COMMAND OF YOUR SSL/TLS CERTIFICATE INVENTORY. Flexible licensing options lets you choose the plan that works best for your unique business environment helping you to optimize SSL certificate management not just for added value, but to actually save money. 94% of surveyed Entrust Certificate Services customers agree the Subscription Plan is effective in saving money on digital certificates.

PRTG Certificate Importer BETA

PRTG already comes with a default SSL certificate for its web server. With this standard certificate, all traffic between your web browser and your web server is encrypted and you can securely access and use the PRTG web interface via HTTPS. However, this certificate does not match the DNS name or IP address of your PRTG server, so your browser will always show an SSL Certificate Warning when you connect to PRTG. To avoid this warning, you can use a trusted certificate. If you have a certificate authority in your network, you can create your own trusted certificate that matches the internal IP address of your PRTG server. If you access PRTG from external IP addresses or DNS names you can request a trusted certificate from issuers like GoDaddy, DigiCert, InstantSSL, or StartSSL, and import it into yourPRTG installation. The manual import of an issued SSL certificate into a PRTG installation is sometimes a bit tricky and uncomfortable. PRTG needs various certificate files named correctly with data in the expected encoding and format. To ease the installation of a trusted certificate, we provide the free PRTG Certificate Importer. It combines and converts all files issued by a certificate authority automatically for the use with PRTG and saves the certificate files into the correct path on your PRTG server. Of course, we would love to hear your feedback about the free PRTG Certificate Importer. Obtain a certificate that is valid to your domain name and signed by a valid certificate authority. Download and extract the PRTG Certificate Importer on your PRTG server. We designed the PRTG Certificate Importer to make it as easy as possible for you to install trusted SSL certificateson your PRTG web server. Click “Finish” to restart the PRTG core server with your new trusted certificate. When you connect to the PRTG web interface, now your browser will not show the SSL certificate warning anymore.

WordPress SEO Training Videos by Yoast and WP101

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Joost de Valk to bring you a brand new video tutorial series for the highly-popular WordPress SEO Plugin. The WordPress SEO Plugin is the most complete SEO plugin for WordPress available today, and this new series of WordPress SEO training videos provides everything you need to optimize your site for search engines and get more visitors! Already a WP101 member? Skip to the new videos now! . As most of you are probably aware, we have been planning for some time to create a comprehensive video tutorial series for the excellent WordPress SEO Plugin by Joost de Valk. As luck would have it, our timing perfectly coincided with Joost’s own plans to create a new video training series for his plugin. The result is a 17-part series of WordPress SEO training videos that are not only the most accurate, but also filled with tips, best practices, and expert SEO advice from Joost himself. Our series also covers the added features in the WordPress SEO Premium plugin, which goes beyond the free WordPress SEO plugin to help you get even more out of your WordPress site. Even more important, buying WordPress SEO Premium also gives you access to expert advice from the Yoast support team. Check out the WordPress SEO Premium plugin for yourself and get a team of experts on your side! Two ways to watch our WordPress SEO training videos. The WordPress SEO training videos are available right now to all WP101 members as part of your normal subscription. Upgrade to the Premium version of the plugin and you’ll get the added tools mentioned above, plus the 17 tutorial videos, and premium support. We’ve got plenty more videos planned for production, and those videos will be available to all current members. So why not become a WP101 member today and get access to all our current and future videos?

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