WordPress SEO for Beginners (Video)

http://wp.me/pe26k-Ia – Have you ever wondered how to optimize a WordPress Page or Post for the best SEO results? There are a few basic things that you can …

10 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress For Higher Rankings 2017

It’s a good thing that a lot of WordPress plugin developers have created essential SEO plugins to help website owners with the challenge of creating search engine optimized sites. With these WP plugins, one need not be an SEO expert to ensure his website ranks as high as it can in search engines. If you have a new website or have had a website for a while but haven’t installed any SEO plugins yet, then it’s time to consider choosing one and start your own SEO test for your site. To help you out, we’ve rounded up the 10 best SEO plugins for WordPress in 2017 and how they can improve your website’s overall SEO standing. It’s one of the most wholistic WordPress plugins for SEO, with features that ensure optimal success for your site when it comes to SEO. With this plugin, you can assign keywords to a blog post so you can focus on using it throughout the entire content. SEO Ultimate has the basic SEO features covered but adds unique ones that are designed to keep SEO practices at the forefront of content creation. Although its features are similar with Yoast, All in One SEO Pack claims to be the only plugin that integrates with WordPress E-commerce sites. The best thing about this WordPress SEO plugin is that there is little tweaking needed and it works as soon as it’s installed. It’s SEO for the average user with little to no SEO knowledge. SEO advice is given in real-time while writing blog posts, with green indicators letting the writer know their SEO is covered. This is a premium WordPress SEO plugin that covers every possible aspect of SEO and puts equal attention to all of it. The SEO WordPress plugin can be downloaded by joining WPMUDEV or a one-time fee of $19. 10. With the help of these plugins which varies to meet every user’s level of expertise, any blogger or website owner can certainly try to practice SEO with more confidence. Have you found SEO plugin for your WordPress website, tell us about it in the comments below!

A Complete & Up-to-Date WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners in 2017

Let’s start with the basics before getting into details about how to optimize WordPress websites for better search engine visibility and ranking. Unlike Mathematics, Physics and other science subjects, SEO is not based on hard-and-fast rules as search engines keep updating their search algorithms. All we have are general guide lines and best practices that apply to all almost search engines. SEO encompasses strategies and tactics that help make a website more appealing to search engines, especially Google. Although SEO does not guarantee top spot in organic search rankings, it does help in generating more site traffic and improved search engine rankings. SEO certainly does not mean tricking the search engines for a higher ranking. SEO is more about offering useful content, formatting it properly and letting the search engines know what’s on offer. The reason we need to focus on SEO is that search engine algorithms are not perfect and they need our help to properly understand what our content is about and how it’s useful for the reader. SEO is more like a game we play with search engines. Experts consider WordPress to be a more search engine friendly CMS than most other platforms, which is one of the reasons people prefer WP. The reason is quite simple, WordPress generates code that adheres to the SEO best practices. In most cases you’d want your website to be discoverable by search engines, that’s why you need to ensure that the ‘Search Engine Visibility’ option is enabled in WordPress. Although the XML sitemap does not help boost search ranking, it increases the probability of search engines finding the pages more quickly. Search engines black list such sites and don’t allow them to show up in search results altogether. Experts have their own definitions and explanations of SEO, but their goal remains the same i.e. optimizing content for better search ranking and visibility.

Fine-Tuning WordPress for SEO

While WordPress has top-notch SEO features out of the box, there a handful of things you can enhance to achieve even better SEO. The following are some basic tips on how to fine-tune your WordPress site to attain improved search engine results ranking. The tag of your web pages is an important factor in SEO; all web pages should have a unique <title> tag. In search engine results, the value of the <title> tag is often displayed after a user performs a search. For your WordPress site to get the most benefit out of its <title> tags, it should be altered by fronting-load keywords so that it can match with search terms that people use. To change your <title> tags, I recommend installing the All in One SEO Pack plugin. This WordPress plugin will automatically set up your <title> tags, making them more SEO-friendly. The All in One SEO Pack WordPress plugin is one out of the six WordPress plugins that this site uses. In WordPress, there’s no ideal way to automate the process of creating meta description tags. You can also add meta keyword tags in your blog posts via the SEO All in One Pack. Using HTML heading tags to break up sections of lengthy blog posts and other content pages is a good way to make your content easier to read. It’s also regarded as a way to point out important keywords for web spiders as they may value these tags higher than other HTML text tags. What’s somewhat surprising is that, to this day, many WordPress themes still don’t pay particular attention to the content structure of a WordPress site’s content pages. Below each </p> <h2> you can have several </p> <h3> tags, and below each </p> <h3> tag, you can have several </p> <h4> tags, and so on. Using the Google XML Sitemaps WordPress plugin will automatically generate an XML sitemap of your WordPress website for you. What are your own WordPress tips and tricks for SEO?<br /><a href = 'https://www.zaphne.com/index.php/ZWPRelay/processBackLink/https://www.webpagefx.com/blog/web-design/fine-tuning-wordpress-seo' target = '_blank' style='font-size:11px'>more…</a></div> <div style = 'min-height:180px;'> <h3>Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software</h3> <p><img src = 'https://www.zaphne.com/images/post_images/thumbs/Computers_accessories_and_services_6.jpg' align ='left' style='margin:6px;'> Your SSL Certificate is now installed! Enabling your Intermediate Certificate In the web GUI, choos…. Installation using OCS 2007 Certificate Wizard Open the ZIP file containing your certificate. Right click on the Office Communications Server where the CSR was generated previously, and click…. f5 BIG-IP SSL Certificate Installation Install your SSL Certificate to a f5 BIG-IP Loadbalancer Installing the SSL Certificate 1. TO INSTALL INTERMEDIATE CA CERTIFICATES Before installing your certificate, you need to complete the following procedure to install the Intermediate CA certificate: Visit the repository. These products include but are not limited to: IIS, Exchange, Active Directory,…. “Certificate Installation for GLASSFISH: After approval you need to download a zip file which contains all certificates you need. During this step you will be asked for which server you are downloading certificates. You could select other because glassfish is not listed. Your download may contain 3 files Depending on the Certificate Type: For Example: Root: AddTrustExternalCARoot.crt Intermediate: COMODOSSLCA.crt Entity: mydomain.com.crt First file”bund…. Certificate Installation: vsftpd Combine your certificate and CA certificate(s) into one file. TO IMPORT THE SSL CERTIFICATE, PLEASE PERFORM THE FOLLOWING: * Locate all of your c…. Before you begin Obtain private keys and digital certificates from a reputable certificate authority such as COMODO. Create identity and trust keystores. Use the…. SSL CERTIFICATE INSTALLATION FOR EXCHANGE 2013 If you have not yet created a Certificate Signing Request and ordered your certificate, see Exchange 2013 CSR Generation Using COMODO step-by-step Installation instructions for Exchange 2013 will help you navigate the updates made in the new version of Exchange. Under the Request, Install or Assign Certificates section click RUN. * Choose External Edge Certificate and click IMPORT CERTIFICATE. * Use the Browse button, and locate your certificate file (will be. Crt to the beginning of the intermediate certificate …. RADWARE ALTEON APPLICATION SWITCH If you already have your SSL Certificate and just need to install it, see Install an SSL Certificate on a Radware Alteon Application Switch. INSTALL SSL ON A LOTUS DOMINO WEB SERVER VERSION 8.5 As is the case when working with certificate keystores, you need to make sure that when importing your SSL certificates to your Lotus Domino 8.5 Web Server that the files are imported to …. INSTRUCTIONS TO INSTALL SSL CERTIFICATE BARRACUDA FIRMWARE VERSION 5 If you have not yet created a Certificate Signing Request and ordered your certificate, see CSR Creation Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall Version 5. > ADDING ROOT AND INTERMEDIATE CERTIFICATES VIA MMC > or UC SSL certificates , you can convert the certificates and private key to a.PFX FILE and THEN IMPORT THE CERTIFICATE ON WINDOWS SERVER SO IT CAN BE USED IN IIS OR EXCHANGE. This may also be necessary when you switch hosting companies. Windows has a command line utility, CERTREQ.EXE that will allow you to create a certificate request and import the new certificate into the Windows Certificate Store, where it can be used with MDaemon. STEP 2: INSTALLING YOUR SSL CERTIFICATE: Not…. CERTIFICATE INSTALLATION : SAP WEB DISPATCHER STEP 1: Unzip the certificate files onto the server where you will install the certificate. The ZIP file you downloaded contains the following certificates: * SSL certificate * Intermediate CA certificate * Root CA certificate Copy the Root CA and Intermediate certificate file onto the server where you will install the certificate. Import the server certificate under UPLOAD SIGNED CERTIFICATE. Upload the Intermediate certificates under UPLOAD INTERMEDIATE CERTIFICATES. Repeat if necessary for additional in…. Certificate installation on amazon aws console: In order to install your certificate via AWS IAM you’ll have to convert your certificate, the certification chain and the private key in PEM format, if required.<br /><a href = 'https://www.zaphne.com/index.php/ZWPRelay/processBackLink/https://support.comodo.com/index.php?/comodo/Knowledgebase/List/Index/37' target = '_blank' style='font-size:11px'>more…</a></div> <div style = 'min-height:180px;'> <h3>Symantec VeriSign Thawte GeoTrust RapidSSL & Comodo</h3> <p><img src = 'https://www.zaphne.com/images/post_images/thumbs/Computers_accessories_and_services_16.jpg' align ='left' style='margin:6px;'> That’s why SSL certificates, especially Extended Validation or EV certificates, play such a vital role for successful websites – they are the most universally recognized symbols of trust and security on the internet. Buying an SSL certificate isn’t always the most exciting thing in the world. We don’t consider ourselves just an SSL provider, but rather a premium SSL service. We’re a team of more than 50 professionals dedicated to one thing and one thing only: SSL. Our customers, affiliates, and SSL resellers benefit from our unparalleled knowledge and resources, as we offer 24/7/365 platinum-level support via email, live chat, and telephone. What are you waiting for? You can start browsing our SSL certificates now or partner with us to profit from SSL. Purchase SSL from Us. When we say we’re a Premium SSL Service, rather than just an SSL provider, we mean it. The main reason is because we not only sell SSL certificates at deeply discounted rates, we offer the support they need from dedicated experts. Our customers have access to the most recognized SSL certificates in the world – from leading certificate authorities like Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL, Certum, and Comodo – at unbeatable prices. Whether it’s answering questions about which SSL certificate would be best for a certain situation or helping to resolve an issue as quickly as possible, our dedicated account managers spend their days making sure our customers have everything they need. Rather, we offer a full 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee with every SSL certificate we sell. We always want our customers to be completely satisfied with their SSL order, so if anything should change in the 30 days after the initial purchase, you can cancel the certificate and get a full refund easily right from your control panel. We consider ourselves a Premium SSL Service since we have more than 50 professionals working around the clock on SSL. So, we not only offer extremely low pricing to our resellers, and are very flexible with a Best Price Guarantee, we provide the support, tools, and knowledge necessary to ensure our resellers experience the same success with SSL that we have. Our resellers have the ability to activate an e-commerce website right away to start making money off SSL. They can even insert their company logo, point it to a domain of their choosing, write unique content, set their own prices, and more. Best of all, our resellers not only have access to the most trusted brands in the industry, along with the best pricing, they also get the benefit and support of an expert SSL marketing team – for FREE! Since SSL is all we do, our days and nights are spent thinking of new ways to help our resellers sell SSL. One of these ways is to constantly develop and implement new sales and marketing tools. Whether you’re a business looking to purchase an SSL Certificate for your website, or a potential reseller, you just can’t go wrong with The SSL Storeâ„¢.<br /><a href = 'https://www.zaphne.com/index.php/ZWPRelay/processBackLink/https://www.thesslstore.com/' target = '_blank' style='font-size:11px'>more…</a></div> <div style = 'min-height:180px;'> <h3>Transport Layer Security</h3> <p><img src = 'https://www.zaphne.com/images/post_images/thumbs/Computers_accessories_and_services_4.jpg' align ='left' style='margin:6px;'> Attempts have been made to subvert aspects of the communications security that TLS seeks to provide and the protocol has been revised several times to address these security threats. TLS runs “On top of some reliable transport protocol,” which would imply that it is above the transport layer. Applications generally use TLS as if it were a transport layer, even though applications using TLS must actively control initiating TLS handshakes and handling of exchanged authentication certificates. TLS 1.0 does include a means by which a TLS implementation can downgrade the connection to SSL 3.0, thus weakening security. All TLS versions were further refined in RFC 6176 in March 2011, removing their backward compatibility with SSL such that TLS sessions never negotiate the use of Secure Sockets Layer version 2.0. Network Security Services, the cryptography library developed by Mozilla and used by its web browser Firefox, enabled TLS 1.3 by default in February 2017. In July 2013, Google announced that it would no longer use 1024 bit public keys and would switch instead to 2048 bit keys to increase the security of the TLS encryption it provides to its users. In applications design, TLS is usually implemented on top of Transport Layer protocols, encrypting all of the protocol-related data of protocols such as HTTP, FTP, SMTP, NNTP and XMPP. Historically, TLS has been used primarily with reliable transport protocols such as the Transmission Control Protocol. A b c IE uses the TLS implementation of the Microsoft Windows operating system provided by the SChannel security support provider. From a security standpoint, SSL 3.0 should be considered less desirable than TLS 1.0. Despite the existence of attacks on RC4 that broke its security, cipher suites in SSL and TLS that were based on RC4 were still considered secure prior to 2013 based on the way in which they were used in SSL and TLS. In 2011, the RC4 suite was actually recommended as a work around for the BEAST attack. In July 2015, subsequent improvements in the attack make it increasingly practical to defeat the security of RC4-encrypted TLS. As many modern browsers have been designed to defeat BEAST attacks, RC4 is no longer a good choice for TLS 1.0. One particular weakness of this method with OpenSSL is that it always limits encryption and authentication security of the transmitted TLS session ticket to AES128-CBC-SHA256, no matter what other TLS parameters were negotiated for the actual TLS session. RFC 4217: “Securing FTP with TLS”. RFC 4279: “Pre-Shared Key Ciphersuites for Transport Layer Security”, adds three sets of new cipher suites for the TLS protocol to support authentication based on pre-shared keys.<br /><a href = 'https://www.zaphne.com/index.php/ZWPRelay/processBackLink/https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transport_Layer_Security' target = '_blank' style='font-size:11px'>more…</a></div> <p><p><a href = 'https://wordpress.zaphne.com' target ='_blank' style='font-style:italic;font-size:11px;margin-top:10x;margin-bottom:10px'>powered by Zaphne</a></p> <div id ='zwpFooterAd'><script type="text/javascript"><!-- displayAd(); //--></script></div> </div> <!-- .entry-content --> <div class="et_post_meta_wrapper"> <!-- You can start editing here. --> <section id="comment-wrap"> <div id="comment-section" class="nocomments"> <!-- If comments are open, but there are no comments. --> </div> <div id="respond" class="comment-respond"> <h3 id="reply-title" class="comment-reply-title"><span>Submit a Comment</span> <small><a 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