We manage, build, maintain & fix websites – WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Shopify & more.

Ongoing Website Maintenance

You want a fixed budget with regularly scheduled maintenance. Your website needs initial work, some additional features and you can benefit from recurring updates.

One Time Maintenance

Your website only needs occasional work, fixes or added features. You prefer to pay as you go and fix things as they come up, and keep your projects small.

Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing

Your ready for people to find your website. We love White Hat SEO and our team will help you benefit from doing SEM the right way.

Web Maintenance Plans

Our monthly webmaster plans are perfect for the individual or small business that has a small amount of sites in their network, and that can benefit from about 1 to 10 hours of work each month. We can complete ongoing web-related tasks that might be taking your time away from more important business needs. For larger companies, annual contracts for webmaster services work best because they cover a more broad spectrum of needs and hours.

Webmaster Support You Can Count On

You can pass tasks onto our webmasters, such as website CMS updates, minor customizations, installs, replication and adding new areas. We take the pain out of understanding how all of your current web technologies work together. Our webmasters are all fully trained and supervised directly by senior web developers that have been working with industry software / systems for more than 17 years. Ongoing website maintenance plans give you assurance that your website software is always up-to-date, secure and performing at its maximum speed. If we see a smarter or more economical method, we’re the first to tell you.

Quick Fix? One-time Web Maintenance

Need a once off update or general walk-thru of your website? Let us handle it for you. One-time Web Maintenance is for clients that need work right away and know the spectrum of work needed. The work is quoted at a flat rate, and almost always delivered post payment or on a 50/50 payment agreement. Most types of website maintenance include things such as image replacement, copy insertion/removal, CSS edits, PHP or server side language fixes, SQL tweaks, or even whole site walk throughs for optimization.

Instant Website Maintenance

We’ve seen and fixed just about every type of issue in our field. We offer cross browser testing to ensure your website is presented correctly in all the major browsers. Pesky problems with servers, whether it be a simple fix or Apache tuning – we can handle it. No surprise charges, or ongoing fees – you just pay for what you need fixed.

F22 Web Services. Maintenance Services.

Below you will find an outline of our webmaster services. This list is not exhaustive but shows you the general capabilities of our company so that you can gauge if our service is right for you. Any task that falls under the duties of a typical webmaster or developer, we can usually cover. Our webmaster services are all performed by native English speaking providers to ensure your tasks are performed to your specifications. Shop around the web, ask your web-related network. You’ll find that our clients rave about our webmaster service, because it’s a fact – we are the most reliable, knowledgeable and affordable webmaster service providers available.

  • CMS – Joomla, WordPress, Concrete 5, etc…
  • Server Administration – Unix only
  • LAMP Development
  • Photoshop & Illustrator editing
  • FTP / SFTP
  • SSH / Bash Scripting / Automation (Cron)
  • Sandbox testing
  • CSS, XHTML, HTML, Javascript
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • SSL for e-commerce
  • *Complete Website Design (Adhoc or Quoted once a client)
  • Logo work
  • Advertising campaign management
  • Newsletter Design & management
  • Ghost client management
  • API integrations
  • Mobile website compatibility & customizations
  • WordPress, Joomla & Magento theme customizations / skinning
  • WordPress & Joomla module & plugin modifications
  • and much, much more….